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My name is Christian Posselt and in the meanwhile I have been living for 13221 days at our beautiful planet. Born within the Soviet zone of occupation I was 2.5 years old when 09/11/1989 arrived. At first, I lived in downtown Gera until my family moved to a smaller part outside of the city in 1994. Altough I was born in a period of communism, I am thankful not to have noticed too much about those times.

I graduated from high school with the German 'Abitur' in 2006. I attended an elementary school in Gera-Röpsen (1993-1997) and 'Goethe-Gymnasium Rutheneum seit 1608 Gera' (1997-2003 and 2004-2006). During the timeperiod in between (2003-2004) I had been attending Carroll High School Ft. Wayne, IN (USA). The time I spent in the United States of America, which was then reigned by 'everybodys darling' George W. Bush jr. during that time, was the most exciting part of my life so far and I gained a lot of self experince, single-mindedness and, of course, independence. I would advise everyone, who has the chance for such an experience abroad, to do such a year abroad. There are so many impressions one will have during that time and which one will keep for his or her whole life. Also, one sees amenities of one's native country, which you usually don't recognize when staying at home.

In the meantime, I have moved to Munich, a great city in southern Germany, in 2007. As a participant of BMW's Trainee-Promotion-Program (TPP) I am studying computer science at the University of Applied Sciences here in Munich. I would like to graduate from university with a master degree.
In order to gain knowledge next to theory, I am working part time as a working student. At the moment I am trying to obtain knowledge in the field of controlling and strategy planning. I really like dealing with (big) numbers and, therefore, I have decided to take my internship semester in Tokyo (Japan). I am really looking forward to those upcoming challenges in the far east.

Besides my interests in computers and information technology I am a musician. The instrument I like most is the pipe organ. I had been taking lessons from the age of 13 until I moved to Munich. Also, I had been attending a class specialized on music during my high school time. There I had singing lessons, ear trainings and choir singing. Although I really like music, it has always been clear to me that it will never be my job. Instead, I always wanted to keep it as my hobby. I think it is really hard to get into the music business and I show respect to everyone doing this step into professional music.

Alright. That's enough for now. If you would like to know anything more just write me an e-mail ;)